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Importance of Schemes of Work

As a teacher, having a good scheme of work is essential for effective teaching. A scheme of work is a document that outlines the learning objectives, content, and activities for a particular subject, class, or grade level. It helps teachers to plan t

Kenya Primary Education Development (PRIEDE) Project

The Kenya Primary Education Development (PRIEDE) Project The targets of the Kenya Primary Education Development (PRIEDE) project funded by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) to the tune of Sh. 8 billion in line with the Competence Based Cu


Learners in secondary and primary schools have been encouraged to use the internet to conduct meaningful research so as to gain useful knowledge that will enable them to improve their performance in national examinations. Principal Secretary in char


Dear Principal, RE: CS FIRST CLUBS IN KENYA Computer Science First: An Overview CS First (cs-first.com) is a Google program created by educators and computer scientists that introduces coding andcomputer science to students in a collaborative and


In February, 2021, the ministry of Education with the support of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Sports Culture and Heritage developed the Covid-19 safety and health protocols/guidelines that will enable the gradual and safe resumption of Co-curri

Factors that Influence Career Choices

Why do people opt for careers in which they do? For example, why would a person choose to be a plumber as compared to a surgeon? There are different reasons leading to why a person pursues the career in which they do. Some of these factors are positi

Finding Your Life Purpose and Goals

A life purpose! This is a phrase that we come across very often. Personally, I never used to give much thought to it. It can be very confusing to think about, I mean what is even a life purpose and how in the world are we supposed to know what it is

Integrity in administration of exams

Migori March 28, 2021 The Principal Secretary for Early Learning Basic Education and early learning Dr. Julius Jwan has said cheating in examinations messes up the careers and lives of the students. He said the students who end up getting marks or

How To Choose A Competitive Career

Every year, we receive thousands of inquiries from school leavers on the various programmes they can undertake at University and tertiary institutions. Whereas a few of them seem to have reasonable knowledge on post-secondary training, there are nume

Time Management Tips

To complete your course and unlock the infinite potential that it holds for you, time management is crucial. Time mismanagement can derail you from your career path. But it is a skill that is not only important in one’s studies, but in life as


Nairobi Ministry of Education February, 24, 2021 The success of the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) depends on the foundations  of Technical and Vocational Education and Training  (TVET)  system, the Principal Secretary fo

Ministry Of Education

(Issued under Article 35 (3) of the Constitution   Curriculum Nairobi Education: February, 26, 021 The immediate former Principal Secretary for Early Learning and Basic education, Dr Belio Kipsang has expressed the need for stakeholders

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