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Nyeri High School::Deans Office.


This office is manned by Mr Weru, assisted by Mrs Grace Gitome and Mr Barnabas Maina. The core business in Nyeri High School is Academics.

The Deans office Supervise and co-ordinates all the acdemic programmes in the school.This includes

1.Curriculum Implementation.


3.Examination:Supervision, Timetabling, Registration & Analysis.

4.Motivation for Students and Teachers.

We offer the following subjects in line with the KIE guidelines







7.History & Government




11.Computer Studies


13.Business Studies

14. French

15. Physical Education (P.E)



Every end Term we post the Termly Results in this Website.We encourage the parents to make use of the facility.

In addition Every students carries home the

(i)Results of the Term Opener Exams when going home for Half Term

The Termly resultsare sent through anSMS to all the Parents / Guardians using the latest Telephone Contacts



  1. The weekend teaching program has been very successful in terms of Syllabus coverage and containing the students during the weekend.
  2. We have introduced morning lessons for Form Threes and Form Fours which have turned out to be very popular with the students.
  3. Timetabling is very efficient and timely courtesy of the new software. 
  4. Marking of exams, entering of marks and processing of exam results have been done in time. The new Software has been very helpful.
  5. Loading the exam results to our Website Such that parents can even access the results using their cell phones.
  6. Motivation for both teachers and students has increased healthy competition.
  7. Administration and internal examination have witnessed massive improvement courtesy of thorough supervision by teachers. Conduct of KCSE was impressive.
  8. Prize giving day was very colourful.
  9. Quality grades in KCSE 2013 increased.
  10. Teamwork and cooperation from teachers.


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